I adore books and stories and reading and writing. I do other art, too, like play music (not well), take photos (pretty well), draw stick figures (master level), and like to invent quick bread recipes. I was about 10 when I made my acting debut was as The Dormouse in Alice in Wonderland with the Country Gate Players. My mother was The Duchess, my brother The Mad Hatter.

I like Alice because she goes with the surreal, and is a know-it-all even when she doesn’t. Wonderland is weird and magical.

I’m sharing here my passion for all things books, including my journey through a backlog of excellent titles authored by good friends.

My other internet place is over here.

Frog Mail

Frog Mail me: allison (at) durazzi (dot) com

I welcome feedback, ideas, suggestions for books… connect with me on social media or send me a note via frogmail allison (at) durazzi (dot) com